Welcome to "Paneri"

About the Super Market

Within the reception building of Lindia Thalassa you will find the Super Market of the complex.

It is nothing short of a luxury for our guests, not only thanks to its’ proximity and ease of access from all three of our hotels, but mainly thanks to the range and the quality of the products it offers.

Don’t forget that your apartment, or studio, most likely has a kitchen, which our super market allows you to make the most of. Here you can find all sorts of goods and delicacies! Take a walk through its’ aisles and you will feel like you never left home… Our Super Market provides you with a variety of English oriented products, so as to ease any transition or change in your dietary habits.

If however you are looking for a gastronomical change of pace, don’t hesitate to wander through the aisles with local and traditional products and delicacies, whose quality and flavor are sure to win you over!

We also invite you to make use of our food package service! Choose from the list of goods offered in our Super Market, make your order, and you will find them waiting for you in your booked apartment or studio!