www.paneri.store is the e-shop of “P. Ioannidis & Co. E.E.” (hereinafter called with the discreet title “paneri”) located in the area of Pefkoi – Lindos in Rhodes (Dodecanese) with TIN: 998497393 (Tax Dep.: RHODES) & G.E.C.R. no.: 072927420000, through which the company displays and disposes its products online.
Before visiting our e-shop please read carefully the following terms and conditions in force relating to the use of the e-shop www.paneri.store . Each user/customer who enters and uses the services of the e-shop www.paneri.store, is deemed to consent and accept the terms stated in this website, with no exemptions. If you do not accept those terms, you are not entitled to use this website and make any transaction. Any order placed by you implies the acceptance of all terms.


“paneri” must promptly inform users for any amendments or changes through the website of this e-shop. Any amendment or change is not valid for orders or transactions already made.

Information & Products Provided
“paneri” is bound for the completeness and validity of information appearing to its website and which refer to the essential characteristics described in each case for every product and for the accuracy of information for services provided through its website. “paneri” is not liable for any technical error or misprint that exist mistakenly or that has been caused unintentionally or due to the website’s termination of operation due to force majeure.

Limitation of liability

“paneri” in the context of its transactions from the e-shop is not liable and is not bound to compensation for any malfunction or damage occurred by the cancellation, non execution or delay of orders processing for any reason.
“paneri” does not guarantee the availability of products displayed in its website, but has to immediately inform the final consumers for their non availability.
“paneri” is not liable for any technical problems that might be presented to users at their visit as well as at the use of the website and which are related to the operation and the compatibility of the user’s infrastructure.
“paneri” is not liable for third party actions or omissions and mostly for non permitted interventions of third parties to products, services and information available through its website.


The website www.paneri.store is the official website of “paneri”. All site content including graphics, trade names, logos etc. are its copyright. The same applies to third party copyright for which it has received a license to use for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of “paneri” e-shop.
Materials provided in this website cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, reloaded, uploaded or distributed under any way without a prior written consent, excluding only the download, display or printing of a copy of a material in only one computer exclusively for personal, non commercial, domestic use, provided that you will preserve unaffected the copyrights, trade mark as well as other ownership notification. Any amendment of the material or use of materials for any other purpose is deemed as violation of copyright and other proprietary information of “paneri”. In any case their appearance and display in the website www.paneri.store will not be in any way deemed as transfer or assignment of license or right of their use.

User’s liabilities

All users of website www.paneri.store agree and accept that they will not use the website and the e-shop of “paneri” for:
a) Sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission with other means of any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, disturbing, slanderous, defamatory, vulgar, inappropriate, violating the confidentiality of any person or causing offence or damage to “paneri”.
b) Sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission with other means of any content that offends the fair practice, social values, adulthood etc.
c) Sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission with other means of any content for which the users are not entitled to transmit according to legislation or the contractual or administrative agreements.
d) Sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission with other means of any content which violates any patent, trade mark, commercial secret, copyright or other third party proprietary rights.
e) Sending, publication, sending via e-mail or transmission with other means of any content which contains viruses of any software or any other codes, files or programs that have been designed for termination, cause of damage, destruction of the operation equipment of any software or computer materials.
f) Voluntarily or involuntary violation of the current legislation or the provisions.
g) Third party harassment of any kind.
h) Collection or saving of personal data relating to users.



Security issues of your personal data as well as your electronic transactions are very important and “paneri” is bound to receive all the required measures in order to safeguard you at the maximum level. All information relating to your personal data and your transactions are safe and confidential.
The security of the e-shop “paneri” is achieved as follows:

Customer Identification
For your identification 2 codes are used. The entry code (e-mail or username) and the Personal Secret Security Code (password), which provide you safe access each time you use them. You can change the Personal Secret Security Code (password) as many times as you wish. You are absolutely liable for the keeping and concealment of the secrecy of your details from third parties, since you are the only one having access to them. In case you loose the identification codes or those leaks to non authorized person, you must immediately contact us in written; otherwise the e-shop is not liable.
Keeping of Confidentiality for the Transfer of your Personal Data
For your better safeguard of confidentiality for the transfer of data, “paneri” uses the SSL Connection encryption protocol.

Controlled Access
The access to systems of “paneri” is controlled by a firewall which allows the use of only specific services by customers/users while at the same time it prohibits the access to systems and databases that contain confidential details and information for the company.

“paneri” uses a system which encrypts the information received primarily by using the same key (predefined upon the commencement of your connection with the service) and then proceeds to the processing of those information.
The systems of “paneri” send information to you as well, with the same encryption procedure.
You must also be aware that in any part of the site that you enter personal data (password, credit cards, telephone numbers, addresses etc.) there is an encryption of SSL 256-bit.

Transactions Privacy
“paneri” has taken measures in order every information to be confidential and to be used at the limit permitted for the services provided. One of the measures is, at the information of your transactions, to allow access only to authorized employees and only when necessary. It is important that customers’ details and their transactions are not disclosed by “paneri” only after a written authorization or following a court decision or decision by another public authority. It is a fact that every user can request information for the details concerning him/her as well as to request their correction, if he/she can prove the error made. For your own safety you must use all the information provided through the system as confidential and private and not to disclose them to third parties.

Personal Data Protection
The term “personal data”, as it is used in this Policy, refers to information of natural persons, such as full name, postal address, e-mail, telephone number etc, which can be used to determine the identity of a customer or visitor of the website, hereinafter called “Personal Data or Data”.
The term “processing” covers a wide range of actions performed in personal data, either manually or with automated means. It includes the collection, registration, organization, structure, saving, adaptation or amendment, recovery, search of information, use, notification with transmission, transmittal or any type of disposal, correlation or combination, limitation, deletion or destruction of personal data. In order to proceed with the orders you may be required to provide your personal details (name, surname, occupation, destination of order, e-mail etc.) each time you visit the website www.paneri.store. You must be aware that the personal details you enter to the website www.paneri.store are used exclusively to improve our services provided, to contact better with you and for the safety of the normal operation of the respective service and in any case are not used by any third party (excluding cases defined by the Law). Upon acceptance of this term you permit “paneri” to use and process the personal data entered by you. The protection of personal data is governed by the principles of L. 2472/97 as it was amended by L. 3471/2006 for the Protection of Personal Data and is fully harmonized with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
For your browsing to the website www.paneri.store , we use automated procedures for the provision of advertising content based on your interests and needs. We present below those procedures in detail concerning anonymous details collected for advertising purposes.

Google Analytics:

It is a code installed in the website and helps us view the entire activity of users in www.paneri.store , from their entry to the website up to the completion of an order.


Remarketing Affiliate:

It is a code installed in the website and helps us serving to users, specific advertising material, depending on their behavior to the website.


Interface of Google Adwords with the website:

It is a code installed in the website that creates the interface between the website and the advertising platform Google Adwords. This code is used in order for remarketing lists to be created, namely lists with users having a specific behavior to the website aiming to receive advertising messages more focused according to their needs.


Social Media (Facebook / Instagram / etc):

It is a code installed in the website which is used to create remarketing lists, namely lists having a specific behavior to the website aiming to receive advertising messages more focused according to their needs.



This website provides to the user the ability to sign up in lists in order to receive the newsletters of our company. The user retains the right anytime he/she wishes, to be deleted by those respective lists. If you wish to receive updates, the acceptance of terms is essential.
In some very rare cases your personal data might be notified to affiliated companies but always for reasons relating to the promotion and processing of your order and provided that your personal details will not be used for illegal purposes.


Rights for access to your personal data.

Following your relevant request, we will provide you with information relating to personal data we keep for you. You are entitled to object anytime to the receipt of material directly for commercial promotion. You are entitled to correct your data any time. You are entitled to delete (the company is entitled to refuse to delete data, provided there is a legal liability imposing the saving of data). The data provided by you will be kept/saved by us only for the required time period for the fulfillment of the purpose for which you have notified your data to us and in compliance to the current legislative provisions. The website www.paneri.store is not addressed to children and you must be at least 18 years old to use our services. For any question or suggestion or reference you wish to make relating to the aforementioned issues please contact us to the email info@paneri.store


Information for Cookies

“Cookies” are small files with information that a websites saves to the computer of a user, and so each time a user is connected to the website, the latter recover those information and offer to the user services related to him/her.
Cookies can improve the browsing experience allowing the locations to memorize your preferences or providing you the ability to avoid the connection each time you visit specific locations. If you do not wish the locations to save cookies to your computer, you can exclude them. The exclusion of cookies may not allow the proper view of specific pages or you may receive a message from a location informing you that in order to view it properly you must accept the cookies.
In the website www.paneri.store we use cookies for the best possible operation of its website, your proper browsing, the connection and the transfer to pages as well as for the provision of advertising content based on your needs. Moreover, cookies are used to analyze how visitors use our website and if they are facing a problem in order to be able to correct it. All information collected from those cookies is anonymous and are used only to improve the structure and the content of the website. We present in detail the cookies we use below:

Cookies Categories

Advertising cookies:
Proceed to the collection of data allowing displaying advertisements depending on the preferences and needs of visitors. Those cookies allow us also to measure the performance of our advertising actions.

Targeting cookies:
They allow our partner advertising companies, to classify users depending on their interests and to present relevant advertisements to third party websites. They operate by determining the browsing program and the device from which a user is connected to the internet.

Performance Cookies:
Those cookies allow us to measure the visiting data of our website, as well as the origin and the device type from which the user has visited the website aiming to improve its performance. The information collected from those cookies is cumulative and anonymous.

Essential cookies:
Those are essential for the website’s operation and cannot be deactivated. They are usually installed following your actions, which correspond to request for services, such as the setting of your preferences for the confidentiality, your connection or fill in of forms.
There is an option to select or not select the aforementioned cookies (excluding the essential cookies), in a message appearing at your browsing to the page. In case of non acceptance all the aforementioned cookies are deactivated (excluding only the essential cookies).

Purchase of Products

Each time you place an order you will be informed through an automatic e-mail that will inform you on the details of your order. If there is any pending issue at your order we will inform you with an e-mail or we will contact you at the telephone numbers provided at your registration or at the entry of your order to our website. Those messages are the basic requirement for the proper processing of orders and there can not be deactivated. We recommend you to monitor your emails and to retain them up to the order’s completion. In case you do not receive the relevant e-mails you must immediately contact us.


Withdrawing / Return – Replacement of Products

If you wish to change any product or you wish to return any defect products for your better service follow the following instructions:

Change of Products
If for some reason you wish to change a product you received you must do it within 5 calendar days from the purchase date (date mentioned at the receipt or the gift receipt). The products that will be changed must be accompanied by the receipt or the gift receipt. Moreover, they must be returned untouched, at their packaging, without being opened or assembled and the products that will be bought must be of equal or bigger value. For the products sold in sale there is not option for change.

Defective Products
1) Change with new operative product: If the product is not operating due to constructional defect and since the defect is primarily confirmed by the constructor, we will replace the product and will send to you free of charge. The return of any defective products must be made within 5 calendar days from the date of purchase. The products must be returned at their package in order to be sent to the supplying company. Moreover, they must be accompanied by the respective retail receipt, the gift receipt or the invoice. In any case, a replacement of products can be made only if the defect is not caused by bad use of the consumer or violation of instructions for the product’s use.

2) Bad/Erroneous Use: If the product after the inspection is confirmed that has been non operational from bad or erroneous use, we may: either return it to you or destroy it. In case of product’s destruction your respective request must be submitted in written with any mean otherwise the product will be returned to you.

In case of withdrawal you may return the product you have purchased by the e-shop within 5 calendar days from its invoicing date, in order for the execution of your right to be received on time. The charge of postage fees is paid by the customer.
Products must be untouched, in their packaging, without being opened or assembled since they will be again distributed for sale. Moreover, they must be accompanied by the respective receipt (retail receipt or invoice). If the product returned does not meet the requirements above, it will be returned to the customer with postage fees paid by the recipient. In any case you must contact our company in order to inform us for your intention. You can do this either through e-mail to info@paneri.store or call +302244029380 .


Payment Methods

Payment through Credit-Debit Card and PayPal:
Regarding the payment methods we inform you that in our e-shop all credit cards are accepted as well as through PayPal. In order to be safe we verify that each transaction to our e-shop is protected by high technology on line safety systems (SSL-256 bit).
If you wish to pay with credit card you must follow the instructions found in our e-shop. Also you must be present at the delivery of your order and have your credit card with you along with your identity. The receipt by a third person is not permitted. When the order is made by a company then the credit card must be issued on the name of the respective company and at the delivery of the order the authorized holder must be present with the credit card and his/her identity card.

COD [Cash On Delivery] (Payment upon receipt of your order)
You may pay the delivery employee upon delivery to your location. We remind you that according to the current tax provisions receipts over 500 euro are paid only through deposit / remittance at a bank account or charge to a credit card.

Receipt and payment at your order to the shop
If you wish to receive the products from our shop you can select the “Receipt from Shop” option. The update for the receipt of your order is made with an automatic email mentioning that the order is ready to collect from the shop. There are cases where products are not immediately available to the shop. In this case you will be informed through telephone in order to ensure the normal processing of the order. For your better service the receipt from the shop must be made only if you are informed with an email or through telephone. All orders remain to the shop up to 3 working days provided you are informed for the processing of your order. The payment of orders is made at the shop’s cashier at the receipt and you can use the following payment options: Cash, Credit or Debit Card.

Order’s minimum value
The order must exceed 9,99 euro in order to be processed.

Delivery fees
When your order exceeds 9,99€ you are not charged with delivery fees.

Completion of order
Upon completion of your order a message will be displayed at your screen (i.e.: Your order is successful! Your order number is A1B2C3, in order to track the stage of your order please click here).


Delivery Methods

Deliveries are made within the three hotels of the Aeonian Nisos Group and more specifically to Pefki Islands Resort, Lindia Thalassa Resort and Island Blue Resort. For orders made up to 12.00 products will be prepared and delivered to the customer at the same day. For orders made after 12.00 based upon availability will be delivered the same or the following day.